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Through the us of the registered GIFT SAFE® system, every website can be turned seamlessly into a high-capacity donation portal site using any of our available styles and layouts.

Thus, your donors will never know that you do not have your own “shopping cart”.  Plus, at a very low cost, you can climb out of the low-class PayPal® check-out monster without your donors ever being able to suspect otherwise.

The abuses of PayPal® are well known – service suspension without reason, galling service interruptions, charge-backs that are made without explanation and for unfounded reasons… PayPal® has often proven itself not to be a friend of fundraisers – especially conservative ones.

GIFT SAFE® provides a complete online merchant function for you so you never have to worry about any of those pesky PayPal® problems such as discriminating against conservative causes or candidates as has happened in the past.

GIFT SAFE®‘s purpose is providing, securing, disbursing and accounting for donations, gifts, alms, bequests, contributions or any other form of eleemosynary transfer of property, of any type, monetary or physical, online or by physical delivery – so you can see that with GIFT SAFE® your donation-service needs are fully met.

Gift Safe® technology is currently licensed to Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. for political fundraising online for registered political candidates or PACs using our site’s Landing Pages.  You can see it in action at Grassroots Campaigns.