About Us

About Gift Safe®

GIFT SAFE® was created out of need:  How can conservative websites – sites that have been historically badgered out of existence by such web monoliths as PayPal – obtain merchant services for their sites without having to retain  techno-geeks on a limited, start-up budget.

GIFT SAFE®  provides charitable and political sites the most necessary donation services including easy start-up ways to obtain financing and economical merchants services.

The GIFT SAFE® system allows any site to deploy a fundraising program in just a few minutes.  Such programs can be deployed right in the website of the customer – none of this link-clicking that takes your customers to another site.  Everything – from donation origination to collection – starts and ends right on your site.

Of course, if you wish you can utilize the GIFT SAFE® landing pages.  But, when our simple code snippet is placed on YOUR site, that allows you to have a self-contained donation page! So, why not look like one of the Big Boys on the block and have your own SSL protected, fully-encrypted and internet-safe donation portal?