Features Summary

GIFT SAFE®  provides the following feature set:


SSL-Secured Donation Portals that are served from our servers directly to your website.  Your donors never need to know that you are not the force behind the expertise.

Administration In a Box

You can administer your campaigns through your own GIFT SAFE®  admin panel.  This facility allows you to receive bi-monthly payments due you for the activity on your campaign pages.  Our industry-low service charges include, and cover the cost of, all the benefits of using GIFT SAFE® .

Full Accounting Services

GIFT SAFE®  provides each customer with online, realtime accounting for all donations, gifts or purchases.  You can watch second-by-second how your campaign is doing.  Plus, you can always download a complete accounting for all of the activity on each one of your GIFT SAFE®  campaigns.

800-Number Customer Service

Our GIFT SAFE®  vendors receive free 800 services to all of your donors regarding any donation-related questions.  If a call is out of the technical area, we refer them to your offices.  We are unique in this effort and have never had a charge-back in our history because we treat each one of your donors as the valued asset they truly are.

References available upon request.